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Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories

now out from Queen of Swords Press...11 stories of the queer fantastic, including several previously uncollected tales of fantasy, horror and science fiction.

Currently out of print - but I'm working on it


Silver Moon: A Women of Wolf's Point Novel

Becca Thornton is about to meet the Wolf's Point werewolf pack and nothing is ever going to be the same again...

Currently out of print - but I'm working on it


A Day at the Inn, A Night at the Palace and Other Stories is a collection of my previously uncollected fantasy and historicals. Join Shakespeare's sister, Judith, to find out who really authored the plays. Consort with highwaymen who are not what they seem. Follow private eyes, bards, pirates and the Queen of Air and Darkness on new adventures of magic, laughter, love, loss and second chances.

Currently out of print - but I'm working on it



Hellebore & Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic, edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft and Catherine Lundoff. Twelve stories about queer women, magic and power by Wilkins, Berman, Ward, Moraine and others.

Currently out of print - but I'm working on it

Night's Kiss, Winner of a 2010 Goldie Award, is a collection of the sensual and the supernatural. Here are stories with alluring vampires and aliens, strange Elvis impersonators and pirates, as well as a few vengeful goddesses and curious tourists.

Currently out of print - but I'm working on it

Crave: Tales of Lust, Love and Longing. From the howls of lycanthropic desire offered by the "Leader of the Pack" to lust and larceny in "Heart's Thief," these fifteen stories will bewitch and entice you. Cover art by artist Lorraine Inzalaco. Winner of a Golden Crown Literary Award for Lesbian Erotica.

Currently out of print - but I'm working on it
Haunted Hearths & Sapphic Shades
Lesbian Ghost Stories

Edited by Catherine Lundoff
Seventeen original lesbian ghost stories ranging from eerie tales of lost love to the darker side of romantic commitments—relationships that linger longer than the grave.



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The concept is intriguing and, once you think about it, rife with possibilities. Lundoff runs with it, creating a world that turns lycanthropy into a metaphor for empowerment, both personal and universal.
— Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print review of

Silver Moon

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