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"Creatures of the Night: A Short History of Queer Horror" in the Queers Destroy Horror issue of Nightmare Magazine, forthcoming October, 2015.

"Aging in IT" in Model View Culture: Technology, Culture and Diversity Media, Issue 27.  September 14th, 2015.


"Monstrous Women and Female Monsters," "LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy Before 1970," "LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1970s," "LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1980s," "LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy in the 1990s" and "LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 Parts 1 and 2" all at SF Signal.


"An In-Person Appearance Primer for Writers" at writer Cathy Pegau's blog (2013).


"Swordswomen, Bluestockings and Military Maids: Finding Writing Inspiration in History" at the 2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event.


"Lesbian Protagonists in Science Fiction and Fantasy" at the 2012 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event.


"Street Talk" in Confessions of a Literary Streetwalker by M. Christian. Renaissance E-Books, 2011.

"10 Lesbian (Fictional) Heroes I Love" at Kissed by Venus, 2010.

"Married in Iowa..." Guest blog post on Beyond Romance. 2010

"Setting the Scene, Lights, Camera...You Know the Rest." Guest blog post out on Oh, Get a Grip! 2009

"Grassroots Books" in Booking in Iowa: The Book Trade in and Around Iowa City by Joseph Michaud. Camp Pope Bookshop, 2009.

"Melissa Scott" and "Women's Bookstores" in Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy: An Encyclopedia, edited by Dr. Robin Anne Reid, Greenwood Press, 2008.

"An Interview with Bryan Thao Worra" in Tales of the Unanticipated, edited by Eric Heideman. Vol. 29, November 2008.

"A Science Fiction Convention of Our Own" at Gay Lifestyle Monthly, edited by Ellen Tevault. GayLifestyleMonthly.com, January 2008. Article about Gaylaxicon, the convention for GLBT fans and allies.

"Writing and Selling Erotic Fiction" at Today's Woman.net, edited by Rose DesRochers. www.todays-woman.net, 2006. This is the updated version of the article originally published at Writing-World;.

"Nuts and Bolts: Building a Better Story" was my bimonthly erotic writing column at the Erotica Writers and Readers Association website from 2005-2006.

"Historical Research for Fiction Writers" at Writing-World.com, edited by Moira Allen. www.writing-world.com.

"An Interview with Melissa Scott" in the Specficme Writer's Newsletter, edited by Doyle Wilmoth. January, 2004. An expanded version of an interview that I did for Queue Press with multi-talented science fiction and fantasy author Melissa Scott.

"A Field Guide to Genre Fiction Writers' Organizations" in Speculations: for Writers Who Want to be Read. April, 2003.

Queue Press - Various articles and reviews written for local GLBT newspaper in 2003.

"Minnesota Center for the Book Arts" in Hand Papermaking Magazine (Vol. 15, No. 1. Winter, 2000).

"Tattoo Me" in Looking Queer: Body Image and Identity in Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Communities, edited by Dawn Atkins. Haworth Press, 1998.

"Chain Reaction: Indy Bookstores Shutting Down" in American Writer: Journal of the National Writer's Union. Summer, 1997.

1996-1997 - various articles and a semi-regular column for ICON: Iowa City's Independent Newspaper.

"Feminists Reconstruct El Salvador" in Off Our Backs, Vol.22, No.4, 1992.


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